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Kids are always energetic, it is a tough task for parents to find a place for them to release all their energy. X Digi Park’s games are diversified, ranging from simple bouncy castles to thrilling racing simulators, we got them all, not only for the kids, but parents can also enjoy the facilities with their kids! Games are charged by different number of e-tokens and divided into 4 categories: Classic Booth Games, Kids Zone, Esports Games, and E-Challenge:

1. Classic Booth Game

  • Collaborating with ZA Bank, we set up different classic booth games, such as Happy Rainbow, Bean Bag Toss etc.. Players can also get prizes besides having fun, so you can carry the joy all the way back home!
  • X Digi Park has a PowerDraw machine, which can be played by collecting Fortune Tickets from all the booth games. PowerDraw can be played with 5 Fortune Tickets. PowerDraw has a lot of noticeable prizes, including brand new smartphones and all sorts of precious prizes.

2. KidX Zone

  • Every weekend kids need to release their energy! KidX Zone is specified for parents! With only one price, you can enjoy all the facilities inside KidX Zone:
    1. Bouncy Castle: This is the best fit for lively kids. We have different styles of bouncy castles, with slides and obstacles waiting for challengers!
    2. E-Challenge for kids: A challenge specialized for kids! They can test their reflexes and fitness!
    3. Game Consoles: Both parents and kids can enjoy the massive collection of our games. Besides the latest generation consoles, we also have classic arcade machines, allowing kids a more classic experience.

3. Esports Games

  • Have you ever tried Esports Games before? We have multiple racing simulators here at X Digi Park, the wheel, pedals, and racing seat are all installed in a car rig, so you can take off at once! Our racing game simulates the data of real racing and cars, so that you can experience and enjoy the fun of racing under a completely safe and comfortable conditions!
  • The key feature of metaverse - Virtual Reality (VR), how could you miss out on VR games? X Digi Park has all kinds of VR games, for example rhythm, shooting, sports and many more, come and try them out!

4. E-Challenge

  • A special challenge in X Digi Park! Challenge yourself and your finesse will be rewarded!
  • Basketball Arcade to test out your strength and endurance, Reaction Sticks for your hand-eye coordination, Current Rush to test out your steady hands. All these challenges are prepared for skilled challengers, do you have the courage to take up this challenge?
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